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EasyFinder is opening up an easy entry to track phone location remotely irrespective of time and place.

  • Ultra-fast Geolocation Results
  • Zero Restriction on Regions
  • Multi-platform Coverage
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Anonymous Message Editing

How Great Our Tool is

Natalie Willis

New York, USA

Thanks for the great help you have offered to me. I have never lost connection with my boy since I used the phone tracking service. Tracing phone number is brazing fast with the fancy feature!

Marco Howard

Washington DC, USA

Never did I think that I can trace a phone by number like a policeman in a movie in the past! But now, EasyFinder has made my dream come true!

Esther Berry

Melbourne, Australia

Sound attractive to track cell phone location for free? However, I just geolocate a cell phone at the expense of my privacy. I have never built up confidence with the phone tracking service until I meet EasyFinder.

Spotlights of EasyFinder

  • Free of any App Installation

    The phone tracker enables you to implement the entire process online, and no app is needed to install.

  • Simplicity to Activate

    Just enter the phone number in the search box and click on the button, you can locate any phone globally.

  • Utterly Private Service

    Our service won’t save any private information and add a strong layer of security to your privacy. Just take it easy!

  • Strong Compatibility

    EasyFinder can be well adapted to all mobile devices including IOS and Android without a fuss.

How to Get Started with EasyFinder


Pick a correct country code and key in the number that you'd like to look for in the search bar.


The EasyFinder sends a customized text containing a link via SMS to the target’s mobile device.


Once the phone number owner opens the link, you will get to know where they are on a map.

FAQ: Locate a Cellular Device Online by Phone Number

What is EasyFinder?

As the name implies, EasyFinder is a phone number lookup website that offers help to locate any cell phone by number. By using EasyFinder, anyone can find a location using the cell phone number of another person. Simply copy the target’s cell phone number to the search box and wait for a little while until the site finds the location.

What Other Features Can I Benefit From Using EasyFinder?

With the help of EasyFinder, you get more than just a phone locator but also capable of sending voice SMSs and conducting reverse phone lookup services with ease. That is to say, in addition to the accurate positioning feature, there are also extra features waiting for you to explore.

How Does Phone Locator Carry Out Location?

The search process can be easily done using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular data. For instance, EasyFinder sends a message to the owner of the phone from the website. Then, it will use GPS and cell tower triangulation to detect a phone’s location. That way, you can find a lost device as quickly as possible or locate someone in case of an emergency.

How Accurate is the Data on EasyFinder?

Please rest assured, we search the location data from precise GPS technology, Wi-Fi connection as well as cell towers. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about accuracy as our data is completely accurate.

Is a Phone Finder by Number Legal to Use?

It depends. For example, you can use a phone finder to locate a phone or person, especially when you have misplaced a phone or simply wish to find out where your children are. However, it is strictly forbidden to track others’ phones without their permission in some countries. By the way, EasyFinder complies with GDPR and the service will activate only with the consent of a target person.

Do I Need to Download or Install an App?

Nope. Additional app installing, downloading, and customizing are not required. This program is launched directly from the online dashboard. All that is left for you to do is enter the correct phone number and leave the rest to EasyFinder. That is it.

One Click Away from Phone Location

EasyFinder is your optimal option to find a phone location by number online!